Runner on a dirt trail in the wilderness.

Benefits of Backcountry Running

Learn about the physical and mental benefits of backcountry and alpine running and meet Priest Lake Multisports owners Ken and Stephanie Eldore.

Flower mural art on a garage door.

Ideas For Beautifying Your Yard with Art

Ideas for how to beautify your home outdoor spaces with art, from shopping local from artisans to simple do-it-yourself projects.

Hiker standing atop shale rocks on the summit of Abercrombie Mountain.

Abercrombie Mountain: Historical Connections Near and Far

History of a namesake explorer for Abercrombie Mountain in the Selkirk Range of northeast Wash. and connections with Alaska.

Illustration of a biker pedaling a Smart Trainer stationary bike as a virtual race.

Virtual Riding & Other Pandemic Cycling Spectacles

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more people started cycling, purchased bikes, and participated in virtual rides and races.

Man taking a selfie with thumbs-up sign to celebrate his walk in a new neighborhood in Spokane. House and street in background.

Walking or Running Every Single Street in Spokane

Tom Griffen, who moved to Spokane in early 2020, is getting to know Spokane by walking every one of its streets.

Person biking on the Centennial Trail that runs alongside the Spokane River.

The Secret Is Out: Welcome to the Inland NW

More outdoor adventurers are moving here from other former outdoor Meccas. They can help make the Inland Northwest a better place to live for all of us.

Pileated woodpecker, with its iconic red Mohawk and white striped head, soars among trees.

Close Encounter with a Pileated Woodpecker

If you spend enough time in natural areas you will probably have a chance encounter with wildlife, where you share an intimate moment in the life of that species. I recently had an impactful meet up, or near literal impact, with the largest woodpecker in North America.

Illustration of a mom biking with a child sitting behind her, arms outstretched and having fun.

Tales from Bike Town

Everyday Cyclist columnist Justin Short explains what it might take for Spokane to become a wholehearted bike town that is safe, convenient, and easily navigable for bikers of all ages and ability levels.

Boots next to a manhole cover on the road.

The Rhythmic Restoration of Walking

What is it about walking that’s so appealing, and how can walking benefit runners? Spokane physical therapist Jonathan Hook explains, in this Run Wild column.

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