Pileated woodpecker, with its iconic red Mohawk and white striped head, soars among trees.

Close Encounter with a Pileated Woodpecker

If you spend enough time in natural areas you will probably have a chance encounter with wildlife, where you share an intimate moment in the life of that species. I recently had an impactful meet up, or near literal impact, with the largest woodpecker in North America.

Illustration of a mom biking with a child sitting behind her, arms outstretched and having fun.

Tales from Bike Town

Everyday Cyclist columnist Justin Short explains what it might take for Spokane to become a wholehearted bike town that is safe, convenient, and easily navigable for bikers of all ages and ability levels.

Boots next to a manhole cover on the road.

The Rhythmic Restoration of Walking

What is it about walking that’s so appealing, and how can walking benefit runners? Spokane physical therapist Jonathan Hook explains, in this Run Wild column.

Kids and moms hiking along the trails at High Drive Bluff Park in Spokane.

5 Tips for Spring Hikes with Kids

Whether it’s one child or a small group of siblings, cousins, or friends, use these 5 tips to prepare for your next hiking adventure. Happy hikers want to go out again.

Woman hiking with her dog on a forested trail at Slavin Conservation Area.

8 Spirit-Boosting Spring Hikes for Kids

Spending time in a forest or exploring a lake shoreline are stress-reducing, morale-boosting activities for kids, helping to stabilize emotions and provide mental clarity. Explore a new trail and find some unplugged, wild serenity this spring with these 8 Inland Northwest hikes, which can be tailored for different hiking abilities.

Ski kids racing through the snow.

Skiing Through New Goggles

Personal essay by Jon Jonckers about his childhood experiences skiing with a novice-level cousin and then observing his own daughter with her friend.

Snowshoe Hare hopping through snow.

The Snowshoe Hare

A quintessential winter wildlife species, the snowshoe hare is especially adapted to snowy landscapes. Learn more about them in the Nature column.

Winter running by the river.

5 Strategies For Loving Winter Running

With the right motivation, you can keep yourself running during winter. Run Wild columnist Sarah Hauge offers 5 strategies that will make the process of running in cold weather more bearable.

Icy Bike Commuting illustration by Justin Short.

Icy Biking & Winter Commute Challenge

Winter is more adventurous when you’re bike commuting. Join the Icy Bike Winter Commute Challenge, happening every year from Oct. 1 to March 31.

Light and shadows from Deer Creek Summit SnoPark.

Trekking to Deer Creek Summit

Located in the Kettle River Range of NE Washington, you can snowshoe, cross-country ski, or hike to Deer Creek Summit via South Loop Trail.

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