Get Out There

Derrick Knowles on his mountain bike, loaded with gear for bikepacking.

Are We Loving Public Lands to Death?

Too much trash, toilet paper, and human waste has followed wilderness-loving masses into our public lands. We all need to follow basic Leave No Trace practices.

Sunset view at Lake Aloha with the author's tent in the foreground.

Solo Backpacking California’s High Sierra Wilderness

Solo backpacking means being self-sufficient, off the grid, and miles from civilization — an exhilarating as well as terrifying experience.

Toilet paper trash left behind on public lands, at a river beach.

7 Backcountry Etiquette Tips

Carol Corbin shares about her personal experiences with backcountry etiquette and provides 7 tips that we can all remember and practice.

Young mountain biker riding along a singletrack trail through the forest with sunlight coming down between the trees.

Epic Mountain Bike Trails in Methow Valley, Wash.

Washington’s Methow Valley, on the east slope of the North Cascades, has three main mtb trail systems: Sun Mountain, Buck Mountain Loop, and Cutthroat Pass.

Child reading a trail map at a trailhead kiosk with two adults looking on.

Outdoor Survival Skills for Kids

Ideas for teaching and equipping kids, including the 10 Essentials, to survive alone in the wilderness and tips to prevent getting lost,

Dan Mimmack dressed as a pirate, looking at the camera, with a sword in his hand.

The Pirate of Sandpoint’s City Beach

Captain Dan Mimmack, known as the Sandpoint Pirate, gives free boat rides to children and families aboard his authentic-looking Pirate ship.

Swimming doing freestyle strokes in open water, wearing a wetsuit, swim cap, and goggles.

Open-Water Lake Swimming

Experience the wonders of a local lake, both above and below the water, and get a workout with open-water swimming.

Mom and young son sitting in their blue kayaks on Priest Lake.

5 Adventures on Priest Lake’s Western Shore

On the west side of Priest Lake, go hiking, biking, paddling, or boating to visit and explore nearby sights.

Four Adirondack chairs facing out towards the blue water of Lake Chelan.

5 Ways to Experience Lake Chelan

Learn about 5 great ways to enjoy the wonders of Lake Chelan — a place known for both its wine and summer recreation.

Woman doing a yoga pose while on a stand-up paddleboard on a lake.

Yoga on a Paddleboard

SUP yoga is a great way to spend time in nature while benefiting from the challenging and restorative elements of yoga.

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