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Photo by S. Michael Bennett.

8 Adventures on Lake Pend Oreille

One of the deepest lakes in North America, Lake Pend Oreille in northern Idaho is great for fishing, camping, sailing, boating, and more.


Tour Lake Coeur d’Alene on Two Wheels at CDA Fondo

Italian-born Gran Fondos, or big rides, are group bike rides where the focus for many is on the route, the scenery, and the joys of …

Runner on a dirt trail in the wilderness.

Benefits of Backcountry Running

Learn about the physical and mental benefits of backcountry and alpine running and meet Priest Lake Multisports owners Ken and Stephanie Eldore.

Trailhead historical information sign at the Pulaski Tunnel Trail.

Hike the Pulaski Tunnel Trail – Wallace, Idaho

At the time of this writing, the Inland Northwest is facing extreme drought conditions. Extreme heat, early season burn bans, and numerous small wildfires throughout …

Two children holding handfuls of snow on a summertime snowfield at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park.

Trailhead News: Public Hikes, Conservation Futures, & No-Fee Park Days

Welcome to The Trailhead, where we share important information about trails and outdoor recreation around the Inland NW. July-August 2021

Vibrant red, black, and yellow patterned underside of a painted turtle shell.

Painted Turtles and Their Stillwater Habitats

Painted turtles preferred habitat is in slow, still water, particularly ponds and lakes — known as lacustrine ecosystems.

Fat bike fun. Photo: Alan Lemire.

Spokane Athlete Ravaged By Long-Haul COVID Maintains Hopeful Outlook

Long-haul COVID has halted the outdoor and fitness-related activities, including cycling and hiking, for a Spokane athlete and nurse.

Two bikers along a dirt trail in te Trout Creek Mountains, with snow remnants on the shady rock cliffs in the distance.

Oregon’s Big Country Route Considerations

Tips for bikepacking the rugged, remote Big Country Route in the mountainous desert terrain of southeast Oregon and northern Nevada.

Bikepack riding a gravel road on Oregon's Big Country Route, alongside sagebrush.

9 Days on Oregon’s Big Country Bikepacking Route

Travel journal about bikepacking 357 miles through the mountainous desert terrain of southeast Oregon and northern Nevada.

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