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Illustration of a man cycling on a speedy road bike with 3 red lightening bolts pointing to his rear-end indicating pain.

Proper Bike Fit Matters: 5 Reasons Why

Learn 5 reasons why a proper bike fit matters and when to schedule an appointment with a professional bike fitter.
Illustration of a cyclist carrying his mountain bike across a muddyl-colored river while a big-eyed alligator in the water and a green snake curled around a tree branch watch him.

Smash the Winter Cycling Blues

Everyday Cyclist columnist Justin Short shares how some riders cope with winter riding conditions and about his latest bikepacking adventure.
Illustration of a person fatbiking on a snow covered trail.

Winter Fatbike Racing: The Pursuit of Ultra Fatness

Long-distance winter fatbike racing is grueling, but that's why some riders say they do it. Meet Inland NW bikers who embrace the challenge.
Illustration of author/cyclist slurping a huckleberry milkshake while sitting on a tree stump with mountain bike, loaded with panniers and bikepacking gear, leaning against stump.

Fall Bikepacking Rambles, From Idaho to Montana

Everyday Cyclist: Justin M. Short shares shoulder season rambles about his fall bikepacking adventure in north Idaho and western Montana.
Illustration of a cyclist riding with a gas mask on his face to protect from wildfire smoke.

Smoke Season Riding

I left my house a couple of hours before dawn. It was my 47th birthday, and I thought it would be a great idea to ...
Illustration of a mountainn biker grinding up a mountain.

Aiming High on the Cross-Washington MTB Race

Everyday Cyclist columnist details his experience completing the 2021 Cross-Washington Mountain Bike Race (XWA).
Illustration of a biker pedaling a Smart Trainer stationary bike as a virtual race.

Virtual Riding & Other Pandemic Cycling Spectacles

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more people started cycling, purchased bikes, and participated in virtual rides and races.
Illustration of a mom biking with a child sitting behind her, arms outstretched and having fun.

Tales from Bike Town

Everyday Cyclist columnist Justin Short explains what it might take for Spokane to become a wholehearted bike town that is safe, convenient, and easily navigable ...
Energetic guy snow biking illustration by Justin Short.

Kmart Bike Shaped Object

Everyday Cyclist Column: Justin Short reflects on his first bike and the beginning of his lifelong obsession with bikes and bike-riding.
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