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This Sunday, participants from all levels of running ability race the grueling 12K Qualchan XC, or, as it is called by insiders, “The Godawful Race.” Held at Spokane’s High Drive, notorious for its steep hills, overhanging trees, mud pits, and roots/rocks that trip many an unsuspecting runner, the strenuous Qualchan embodies true “cross-country” running. An additional challenge is the single-person wide trail throughout the entire race (except for the hundred meter asphalt finish). According to one runner, it is “the toughest race around here.”

As one of the smaller races of the Bloomsday Race Series, the Qualchan received a great turnout of 42 racers compared to previous years of only around 20 racers. Because of the Qualchan’s relatively small size, there are only two categories. Good job to our first place male Chris Morlan, with a 7-minute-mile average, who completed with a time of 52:25, as well as our first place female Rachel Bucklin who completed with a time of 1:03:07.

Congratulations for toughing out this killer race, for all those that participated!

See the complete results below, and for more information, please visit brrc.net

Results of the Qualchan cross country run-7.5 miles


    1. Chris Morlan                                             52:25
    1. Kyle McNaught Davis.                             52:50
    1. Andy Lefrice                                              54:12
    1. Ben Bucklin                                                54:33
    1. Charles Joy                                                 56:36
    1. John Kercher                                             59:09
    1. Jeff Corkhill                                                59:35
    1. Walter Mueller                                         1:01:00
  1. Matt Hietala                                              1:01:44

10. Bill Sayres                                      1:03:23

11. Steve Warrington                          1:05:17

12. Lew Persons                                   1:07:07

13. Michael Bowen                              1:08:25

14. Ben Vangerpen                              1:12:05

15. Brad Myers                                     1:13:49

16. Wayne Foster                                  1:14:31

17. Eddie Tompson                              1:16:18

18. Tom Treloar                                   1:19:21

19. David Huntoon                              1:22:44

20. Robert Nagy                                  1:24:28

21. Mike Ricketts                                 1:24:44

22. Jason Jones                                    1:25:51

23. Gary Rhodes                                   1:55:30


  1. Rachel Bucklin                       1:03:07
  2. Maria Bertagnoli                     1:05:31
  3. Lisa Sunderman                     1:11:17
  4. Angie Feser                               1:16:18
  5. Leann Dunning                       1:17:31
  6. Valaurie Capreze                    1:18:17
  7. Callie Beach                             1:18:18
  8. Stephanie Moran-Kuest        1:18:27
  9. Dori Whitford                         1:27:16

10. Vicky Daniels                        1:27:36

11. Barb Beddor                          1:34:51

12. Mary Ann Boardman          1:45:59

Early start

Sue Fitzpatrick

Jean  Greene

Sharon Carroll

Gunhild Swanson

Mary Ann Clute

Carolyn Pope

Rhena Cooper

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